Warboys, 2016

warboys 2016

Looking at the Curatorial statement for the BAS8 by Anna Colin & Lydia Yee,

Echoing recent philosophical developments, objects are considered here as active agents, generative entities, mutating forms and networked realities, rather than being simply defined by their properties (what they are made of) or their effects (what they tell us).

And the Sea paintings of Jessica Warboys in the show,

I proposed to make a piece for the Takeover event, which responded to both Jessica’s work and endeavors to capture something of the energy in her process of making on the beach with the sea as her co-worker.

My intention is to capture the energy of Warboy’s work, by thinking about the elements of water air & earth, the idea generated from the image of her working on the beach in the BAS8 catalogue. Using a mixture of oil, ink and paint, the materials fight and resist each other to create a multi-layered, textured surface.