Epoche: Suspension of judgement, 2017


Epoche: Suspension of judgment 2017

5000m twine, steel washers, sand bags

A collaborative installation Lindsey Elise Jolly & Su Nicholls

The Epoche installation is a site-specific work that conjures ideals of light, sound and flight, whilst displaying embodied tension within the twine structure. Intervening without overwhelming, it can be read and interpreted by visitors in their own way.

It is designed to blend and co-operate with the magnificent historic building, celebrating the location and the ornate carved angels in the vast vaulted ceiling.

The sculpture challenges the visitor to maneouvre within this former church in new ways by directing them to climb the steps up to the ‘forbidden’ area of the Chancel to experience the space.

Epoche intends to reference both the architecture of the building, and the Hungate Angels, whose financial donations enable the charity to keep the building open and functioning.



Upon visiting the Hungate site, we were immediately struck by the openness of the space, uncluttered with familiar church furniture.  Serenity and harmony seem to seep from the very fibre of this beautiful building and yet it remained peculiar and uncomfortable to stand in the restricted area where the altar had once been.

In order to incorporate these elements into an artwork, we proposed an ambitious installation that utilised and divided the open space forcing the viewer to negotiate the building in a different way, by closing the central isle and giving access through the chancel space.

We designed an abstracted angelic form, delicate and ethereal to resonate the ‘serenity’ of the space, to be suspended throughout the entire central area of the church, utilising the only three anchor points possible in this listed building.